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  • Tweezers 101
    Picking the perfect pair of tweezers can be difficult as a new lash artist. Since I started lashing my tweezers have grown from a pair of two tweezers, to over Read more
  • Skincare 101
    Knowing your skin type is absolutely necessary in order to make the right decision about proper skin care or treatment, which is suitable for your particular skin needs. Just Read more
  • There's no Secret Formula!
    As a Lash Artist, we've all experienced our fair share of horror stories but, the one we fear the most is retention. Poor retention is bad for business. Which is Read more
  • Skin is an Excellent Record Keeper!
    I've always been an extremely curious girl. I recall beaching one day with my mom and seeing people slather themselves in this purple cream and asking how come we aren't Read more
  • What do you know about PTSD?
    Now I know everyone wants to hear about the latest in aesthetics but, did you ever think that beneath a beautiful person there lies a deep cloud of emotions that Read more
  • "Bedroom Eyes – Why Men Love Long Lashes" By: CHICAGO-EYELASHES.COM (Illustration By: CHICAGO-EYELASHES.COM)
    Human beings – and especially women – have mastered the art of communicating with their eyes, and men can’t help but respond. On a good day, her open, friendly gaze Read more
  • Can you Bare IT?
    Flawless skin has always been a trend but, now a days we spend hundreds of dollars on covering up our imperfections. Not realizing that a daily skincare regiment can be Read more
  • Tenacious is a Hit!
    On April 8, 2017 we launched our signature product line with highly skilled lash techs in mind! "Tenacious, by Michael Stephens", was the first to drop! Since its debut, we Read more
  • Welcome to The Lash Co. of Miramar.
    Welcome! It's very possible you've read a beauty blog or two, but this is a little different. As professionals in aesthetics, we create a sanctuary for connoisseur's to be pampered, Read more

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