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Welcome to The Lash Co. of Miramar.

Welcome! It's very possible you've read a beauty blog or two, but this is a little different. As professionals in aesthetics, we create a sanctuary for connoisseur's to be pampered, while first timer's get comfortable and educate themselves on the latest! The latest, you ask? It's no secret false eyelashes have only been around since 1911, when Canadian native Anna Taylor decided to have falsies patented in the US. I mean come on now, who would've known that eyelash extensions would've evolved into the phenomenon it is today?

For some women, to ask them to be seen without their lashes in public, is like asking them to use the men's bathroom. Now that's just down right absurd! Exactly, we said! You mean to tell me, we can turn doing eyelashes into a business? Wa La! Here you have it, The Lash Co. of Miramar. You know of course, if a woman is going to get her lashes done, she might as well get her eyebrows waxed and tinted too right? Or how about a full face of makeup after she gets her lashes done, hmmm, she might even want a facial? With our clients heavily on our hearts, we put our thinking caps on and got to work!

We're now able to virtually share our products online, and knowledge on what we do and how so many others do it! Most importantly we share what inspires us everyday, and why we take full responsibility for keeping America beautiful. With that being, this was only a brief introduction on what to expect. I mean we did pretty good, right? LOL! Hope you enjoyed!

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