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Tenacious is a Hit!

On April 8, 2017 we launched our signature product line with highly skilled lash techs in mind! "Tenacious, by Michael Stephens", was the first to drop! Since its debut, we are convinced that "Tenacious" is one of the best Eyelash Adhesive's on the market. We began our trails in February 2017, using the glue in house on our clients at The Lash Co. of Miramar.

Within the first 4 weeks we noticed that lash retention on recurring clients had increase by at least 40%. So clients that were returning for 2 week refills had at least 50-60% of there lashes on if not more. Within the next 4 weeks, now 8 weeks into our trail, the clients began to notice that their lashes were lasting longer. Clients who came every 2 weeks now felt comfortable coming every 3 -4 weeks.

Immediately noticing the quality of Tenacious, clients would ask "are you using a different glue" as there eyes and nose were no longer sensitive to any irritation or order caused by loud fumes; that of which is common in most eyelash adhesives. Surprisingly with no loud fumes and its 1-2 second dry time, Tenacious is most known for its resilient bond. That's how we ultimately came up with the name for this amazing product that needs to be in EVERY lash tech's lash kit! Purchase your bottle of Tenacious today!

For more information on how to purchase a bottle of Tenacious, or lash supplies click on the "Lash Supplies" link in our Menu to view our E-Lash Store.

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