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Can you Bare IT?

Flawless skin has always been a trend but, now a days we spend hundreds of dollars on covering up our imperfections. Not realizing that a daily skincare regiment can be most effective in prevention, also correcting and repairing the things we try to cover up the most. So what's the real scoop? Most people think that drinking lots of water everyday contributes to healthier glowing skin. Unfortunately, we fail to realize that using a well formulated cleanser, moisturizer and SPF are far more effective than drinking 15 gallons of water per day.

Now I know everyone wants that Gwyneth Paltrow glow, or to be wrinkle-free at 40, like Gabrielle Union but, truth of the matter is, only about 30% of our "great skin" comes from genetics, while the other 70% is based on how well we take care of our skin and how well we protect our skin from UV rays.

To test our limited research, we arranged for 2 of employees, who have moderately good skin, to receive customized skin care treatments. After 1 week of receiving service, and following a minimal daily skincare regiment both girls noticed immediate improvements with their tone and glow! While most skin types vary, The Green Tea Cleanser offered at Bare It Aesthetics, was highly recommended for aftercare; as it helps hydrate and add moisture to the skin. A formulated toner, moisturizer and SPF were also included in their regiments.

Healthier beautiful skin commands confidence, so take some time out today to learn more about your skin type and whats good for your skin. As you know, its only the largest external organ we have!

For information on skincare and products contact a Licensed professional at Bare It Aesthetics, @bitaesthetics or submit an appointment request on our website!

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