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What do you know about PTSD?

Now I know everyone wants to hear about the latest in aesthetics but, did you ever think that beneath a beautiful person there lies a deep cloud of emotions that no eyelash or makeup appointment can fix? While some might mistake it for being crazy, or depressed, the things that could be affecting a person's mood or actions can be far more serious than we could imagine.

This past weekend in Miami Gardens, Florida we held our 5th annual Back to School event in partnership with "Triggers 2 Triumph", a 501C3 Non-Profit organization. As I melted in 100 degree weather, I finally made it to the stage where I'd find myself for the first time ever hearing the term "PTSD". I never knew much about mental health, so I was very interested in hearing what the next speaker had to say.

The woman they introduced to the stage was Mrs. Keva Delancy, Founder & President of "Triggers 2 Triumph". She began by talking about growing up in the war-zones of Liberty City, Florida, and shared everything post traumatic about her childhood and teenage years. From being raped several times, to her going prison later in life for making poor choices. As she continued to share her story, it wasn't until she got married and had children, where she found herself severely suffering from traumatic events in her past. After being treated for psychological and behavioral actions, Mrs Delancy was later diagnosed with PTSD, "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder".

PTSD, defined as "a disorder characterized by failure to recover after experiencing or witnessing a terrifying event". The symptoms can range from behavioral to psychological. The Triggers 2 Triumph Non- Profit organization she established, provides help for families and individuals suffering from PTSD. "It's not a good feeling knowing that you're not crazy and everyone else thinks you are", as she explained the importance of receiving help after one has been diagnosed. To learn more about PTSD, or how you get help for a family member or friend, go to . Where you can read more of their daily blog post, and learn more about Mrs. Keva Delancy and how she grew to live a more purpose driven life.

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