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There's no Secret Formula!

As a Lash Artist, we've all experienced our fair share of horror stories but, the one we fear the most is retention. Poor retention is bad for business. Which is why I wanted share a few things to be aware of, that will ensure longer lasting lashes with proper care. There's no secret formula!

Know your products! It's impossible to use products we have no knowledge on. In most cases, lash training's focus on skill and theory, not product knowledge. So it is up to the "Lash Artist" to do your research and get familiar with your products. For example, "Cyanoacrylate" is the main ingredient in all Lash Adhesives. Adhesives with poor levels of cyanoacrylate, normally have slower curing times. You always want to purchase a quality adhesive, with a 1-2 second curing time. The better your adhesive, the more you can focus on your artistry and styling of the lashes.

Humidity? There are a lot of questions about humidity, but as a professional lash artist I've never experienced an issue with humidity in a climate controlled environment. However, it is important that we do not "shock cure" the lashes. This is when the lashes are immediately exposed to, too much moisture. For the best results allow the lashes to cure "slowly" over 48-hrs. The exterior coating should cure in 1-2 seconds, with proper placement. This will allow the core adhesive to set and begin curing process for the next 48-hrs. This process will guarantee a strong flexible bond.

Application. Important yet, simple. If you use too much adhesive the core adhesive will not set properly. This will cause build-up and debris in your lashes. A thin coating with proper application will secure the extension in place for the curing process to begin.

Aftercare. Clients are normally very excited with the end result and are ready to go about their day. But, it is very important for you provide them with basic aftercare instructions. I like to provide my clients with physical/virtual aftercare cards. I normally read them important instructions for the first 48-hrs just to make sure they careful with their lashes.

By the time you get to the aftercare step, you should be golden! Simple tips can go far with increasing lash retention. Better retention will guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty. For more information on how to purchase a quality adhesive, contact one of our Lash Expert's at, .

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