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Tweezers 101

Picking the perfect pair of tweezers can be difficult as a new lash artist. Since I started lashing my tweezers have grown from a pair of two tweezers, to over six different angled style tweezers.Simply knowing what each tweezer is for, can save you hours of time, as you will be able to navigate through your lash sets quickly and more efficently.

Straight Tweezers. Most lash artist use straight tweezers to isolate through natural lashes. I personally like straight tweezers for isolation because it allows you to push the tweezers into the natural lashes without restraint. It would be quite difficult to avoid, poking or scratching a client using angled shaped tweezers for isolation. Not a good idea.

90 Degree Angle. I personally like to use the 90 degree angled tweezers (thick tip) for picking up the extensions & placement. Especially when I'm working with thick, long extensions it's ideal to use a pair of tweezers with a good grip, and thick tips. This will allow you to control the extension and it's placement when applying it to a natural lash. These tweezers are also good for placement when applying the extension to the natural lash.

45 Degree Angle. The angle on these tweezers are perfect for picking up thinner lashes. Many lash artist use a 45 degree angled tweezers to create fans when doing volume lashes. These tweezers normally have a thin tip, slightly slanted upwards. The thin, slanted tip allows you to gently pull 4-5 lashes at a time to create perfect volume fans. These tweezers are also good for placement when applying the extension to the natural lash.

Knowing your tools and how to use them, will not only allow you to create beautiful lash sets but, it will save you time and money. Still have questions? We're constantly researching the latest trends and innovations, for information on how to choose the right pair of tweezers contact one of our Lash Experts today!

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